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How to Use Your Infrared Sauna Properly

How to Use Your Infrared Sauna Properly

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A session inside a far infrared sauna is what your body needs after a busy day. But when it’s your first time using one, it helps to know the proper procedures. To guide you, here are some helpful tips:

Make Sure You're Dressed Appropriately for a Sauna Session

Just like when you’re working out at the gym, you need to make sure you are dressed appropriately for your home sauna session. Ideally, you should wear something that exposes your skin. One option is to wear your underwear or swimsuit, but if that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, wear something breathable like a t-shirt paired with lightweight shorts.

Tips on How to Best Enjoy a Sauna from the Top Infrared Sauna Review

But whatever you choose, just make sure that it isn’t too tight. Since you will be feeling heat, it’s better to wear something that feels loose and comfortable on the skin.

Bring Some Towels with You

Use towels to absorb your perspiration throughout your sauna session, and prevent any oils from touching the wood. This will make your infrared sauna easier to clean.

Before you begin, place some towels on the bench to sit on. It might also help to place a towel under your feet to catch any sweat drops. Lastly, have another towel situated beside you so that you can wipe off any sweat from your face and neck.

Start Using the Sauna Gradually

If it’s your very first time using the sauna, it’s particularly important to gradually introduce your body to its therapeutic heat. To properly acclimatize your body, it’s recommended to begin with just a 20-minute session. As you get more used to the infrared heat, you can increase the duration of your session to 30 to 40 minutes. Once you have done it a few more times, go ahead the try a session for 45 to 50 minutes. This is safe to do up to two times a day if need be.

Do Some Stretches While You're Inside

To maximize the therapeutic benefits of each sauna session, try doing a few stretches while you’re inside. Focus on stretching your legs, back, and arms to enhance your body’s flexibility.

In addition, you can also massage all your knotty and congested muscle areas during the session to alleviate any tightness and pain you may be feeling. For even better results, you can follow up your sauna session with a massage treatment.

Remember to Keep Yourself Hydrated

Because you will be exposing your body to significant heat, it is necessary to keep hydrated. Make sure to drink a glass of water right before you step inside your infrared sauna.

During your therapy session, bring a glass of water with to sip from time to time. If you want to stay on the safe side, bring a bottle of water inside so that you have more than enough.

Don't Be Too Conscious About Your Ability to Sweat

It’s normal for your body not to sweat too much during your first two to three sessions. This is especially true if you normally don’t sweat much in general.

But as your body adjusts to the heat inside the infrared sauna, your ability to sweat will eventually increase. Soon, your body will become better at detoxifying than ever before.

Wait a Couple of Hours After Eating Before You Start a Sauna Session

To make the most out of your sauna session, it’s best to wait at least one to two hours after eating beforehand. This allows your body to detoxify with greater ease.

Don't Forget to Cool down After Every Sauna Session

After coming out of the sauna, give your body proper time to adjust to the temperature outside. Drinking more water will help you cool down faster.

Keep these tips in mind, and your sauna sessions will become more enjoyable. When done right, it should feel like you’ve just treated yourself to a first-class spa.



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