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Spend Time In A One Person Sauna Before Bed

Spend Time In A One Person Sauna Before Bed

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The single or one person sauna is easy to install in your home these days if you opt for the far infrared variety. Far infrared saunas are much cheaper than their steam-producing counterparts, and all you have to do is set them up and plug them in to start your session. They’re ideal for flushing toxins out of your system and helping you to heal from injuries sustained playing sports or from accidents or mishaps. But there is another aspect of sauna use that may turn out to be of value to you: it’s a way to battle insomnia.

You Need Your Sleep

We all need to get a healthy amount of sleep. Some specialists in this area will tell you that six, seven, or eight hours is ideal. Even if there is no consensus in this area, it is understood that everyone needs that time when our bodies are shut down to reset and get our minds right for the next period of wakefulness. Without sleep we cannot function, which is why insomnia can be such a frustrating thing for those who deal with it regularly.

What’s the connection between one person infrared sauna use and sleep? While there may not be a direct connection, they relate to each other in this way. It is now often recommended by doctors that if we are prone to sleep troubles, we should stop using electronics an hour before bedtime. That means turning off the TV or the laptop, putting the smartphone away, and reading a book or having a conversation with a loved one instead.

Sauna Usage Before Bed

It could also mean some time in a one person sauna. If you have purchased one and you are starting to integrate the use of it into your routine, then you can time your sauna session for an hour before you usually shut out the lights. You can spend a half hour or forty minutes in the sauna, shower, dry yourself off, and get into your pajamas. You’ll be fulfilling the directive to avoid electronics, and you’ll also have that quiet time in the sauna to allow your mind to slow and your body to wind down from the day’s activities.

It’s highly likely that you will be able to sleep better if you start doing this multiple times a week. Your body will begin to equate the time in the one person sauna to shutting itself down for the night, and you won’t spend as much time tossing and turning. You’ll be getting dual benefits this way: the therapeutic effects of the sauna time, and a solid night of sleep as well. 

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