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How To Get Younger Looking Skin In A Two Person Sauna

How To Get Younger Looking Skin In A Two Person Sauna

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Do you want to pass up your expensive cosmetic treatments that offer limited effects and have uncertain long term safety? Most of you would probably let go of pricey skincare products and treatments in a heartbeat if you knew of an alternative method for skincare. What if we told you, you can get the best skin care treatment from a two person sauna, would you believe us?

A Two Person Sauna For Skin Rejuvenation And Purification

You may be at home right now looking up some infrared sauna reviews and studying your budget to see if you can afford the cost of a home sauna, and just got caught in a rabbit hole of information about the benefits that an infrared sauna can have on your skin. Does it sound too good to be true? It does, but hand on heart, it is true! The great thing about relaxing in your two person sauna at home is that you can receive all the other benefits associated with JHN Lifestyle’s infrared saunas and rejuvenate your skin at the same time!

Your skin is the largest organ in the human body and is made up of two layers which are the epidermis and the dermis. New cells are always making their way to the epidermis layer, which is the area of skin we can see. The dermis, which is the lower layer, contains sweat glands, hair follicles, blood vessels, and nerve endings. The blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients towards the outer level of the skin and also works to regulate the body’s temperature.

Since the human body’s skin is essentially an organ that we wear on the outside, it is a gauge for us, our doctor, and people around to make their judgments and thoughts about our overall general health. Far-infrared sauna therapy has proven to considerably improve the appearance of many skin conditions.

How Does Far-Infrared Light Work On Acne-Prone Skin?

Regular use of an infrared sauna can improve common skin conditions because it can extract impurities from the body. For instance, individuals suffering from acne, and who have probably tried every acne combative skincare and oral product out on the market, can benefit greatly from daily infrared sauna use. An infrared sauna improves acne-prone skin because it boosts circulation to the skin and eliminates wastes from the body in a more effective way, and that is through deep sweating.

The skin’s pores open up and this allows the sebum to drain out normally. Also, the light generated from infrared saunas eliminates the impurities on the skin, which stops bacteria from replicating. After you have completed an infrared sauna session, it is advisable to wash the skin from the sebum that has leaked out of the open pores to keep the skin clear of waste. As a result of all this, the skin has fewer blackheads, fewer enlarged pores, and there is even a reduction in inflammation.

How Does Infrared Sauna Therapy Produce Healthier Looking Skin?

Not only does a good infrared sauna bath give you more energy, improves your circulation, jumpstarts your immune system and reduces inflammation, but infrared light can also increase your body’s ability to produce collagen. This leads to you having younger and healthier-looking skin. Who can say no to that?

Our bodies are crawling with this protein known as collagen, and it is what we need for ultimate skin, joint, as well as bone health. If you really think about it, collagen is the thing that keeps us held together, so the more you can produce it naturally, the better it is for your skin, joints, and overall general appearance.

Sure, you can go to your local health food store and stock up on collagen supplements and creams to sort out your skin, bones, and joints, but, it can become very pricey in the long run. Also, in actual reality, there is no substitute for the real thing that your body, under the right circumstances, can make on its own.

Researchers in numerous studies have concluded that patients that practice near-infrared light sessions, had more natural collagen levels than patients who did not experience the same light therapy. The evidence showed a huge improvement in natural collagen stimulation that promotes younger-looking skin and faster healing.

How Does Near-Infrared Light Improve The Skin?

Far-infrared light works differently from near-infrared light. They both have positive effects on the skin and body, but in their own way. For instance, far-infrared light makes the skin glow from the inside out. It gives you that same “glow” that you would have after an intense workout. You look healthier after intense exercise because you just had a good deep sweat. The deep sweat is what you’re targeting and can be achieved through far-infrared wavelength in an infrared sauna.

The near part of the infrared wavelength provides a more topical effect to the skin. In a nutshell, near-infrared light is responsible for helping to resurface the skin. It helps your skin to accelerate its cell turnover, which makes the skin look healthier faster on the top surface. So, as you sweat away in an infrared sauna, you can rest assured that when you step out you will have both benefits of glowing skin from the inside out and feel healthier from a deep sweat as well as great looking skin from the topical aspect.

An Infrared Sauna Can Reduce Cellulite, Scars, And Psoriasis

As mentioned before, because an infrared sauna can increase circulation and collagen formation, there is hope for all women around the world dealing with stubborn cellulite. Cellulite occurs due to weakened connective tissue and a decline in microcirculation. Infrared therapy can increase collagen to repair the tissues and boost circulation throughout the body. Besides treating the acne itself, infrared therapy can also heal the scars that acne leaves behind because of the increase of collagen produced. Moreover, infrared light encourages the skin to shed excess skin growth that causes psoriasis.

Infrared light is a natural, safe and effective way to treat the skin. Whether you want to smooth out wrinkles, clear acne, heal injuries and scars, or you just want an overall rejuvenation, infrared sauna sessions can do that for you. 

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