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Introduce Children to the Magic of Thermal Therapy with the Best Sauna

Introduce Children to the Magic of Thermal Therapy with the Best Sauna

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For adults, enjoying the wonders of a home sauna is a no-brainer. Coming home to the gentle heat of the sauna after a long day at work is a luxurious way to unwind. Not to mention the many proven health benefits of sweating heavily during the best sauna session. Adding them to your daily routine simply makes sense.

But what about your children? If you have kids, it’s natural to want to share with them the relaxing and healthy lifestyle that the best sauna offers. However, due to their age special factors should be considered before letting them into your home sauna.

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Understanding Children’s Bodies

Your kid has as many sweat glands as you do, making them react wonderfully to heat. However, their surface area is smaller and their layer of fat is thinner. Therefore, they absorb heat faster and emit heat more quickly. . Until they reach puberty they are unable to regulate body temperature as efficiently as grown-ups. Therefore, you need to take some precautions when introducing them to a sauna.

  • Take note of their age
  • Experts recommend waiting until a child is until six years old before taking them inside a sauna. Below this age, parents are discouraged from taking very young children and infants for thermal therapy. Older children and those in their early adolescence can vocalize their needs better to let you know how much time and heat in the sauna they are comfortable with.

    No matter what age you choose to introduce your child to your home sauna, always make sure to observe them carefully.

  • Stay for short sessions
  • A 30-minute sauna session might feel normal to you, but for children it can be too long. If you’re taking your kids inside your home sauna, keep their stay for around 10-15 minutes.

    It would be great to keep it even shorter, with a few minutes to cool down between each stretch. This practice will help them adjust to the experience of heat without being overwhelmed. In terms of frequency, you might want to keep down to once a week until they can tolerate the heat better.

  • Avoid contact burns
  • One of the biggest problems when you take kids to a traditional sauna is the high probability of contact burns. Conventional saunas can have sweltering parts, such as the heating stones or the heater assembly, and some kids might touch them accidentally.

    Eliminate this concern by opting for a portable infrared sauna. Far infrared saunas don’t produce contact burns since no part ever gets too hot, making sure your kids are safe throughout the session.

Saunas Can Help Children Thrive

Even if you give your kids the healthiest diet possible, it’s still unavoidable for toxins to enter their body. Children can also be susceptible to stress and mood issues. Thermal therapy can help their growing bodies flush out harmful toxins and improve their hair and skin. Quiet time inside a sauna can also help them release stress and stabilize their moods.

Family sauna time can be a great bonding experience with your loved ones, forging stronger connections as you relax together.

If you plan on sharing your sauna with your kids, then you might want a more spacious multi-person model. If you’re not sure which infrared home sauna is right for your family, we’d love to help! Call us today at JNH Lifestyles and our knowledgeable staff will assist you in every way we can.

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