Infrared Foot Warmer

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The Infrared Foot Warmer accessory provides infrared heat directly to your feet, providing benefits such as:

- Quickly warming up your body during an infrared sauna session
- Relieving discomfort caused by chronic cold feet and poor blood circulation
- Increasing blood flow to potentially help relieve foot inflammation, rheumatism and arthritis

It's a fantastic addition to your JNH home infrared sauna that's easy to install and even easier to operate. Simply flip the built-in on/off switch and you're all set!*

*The Infrared Foot Warmer is designed by JNH Lifestyles and works exclusively with our Joyous, Ensi, ProSeries and Tosi Collections.

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Q: Can I stand on the infrared foot warmer?
A: No. The infrared foot warmer is designed to be used in a sitting position only.

Q: Do I need to lay a towel on it?
A: You do not need to lay a towel on the infrared foot warmer. However, many customers prefer to lay down a towel to absorb sweat.

Q: Can I purchase the infrared foot warmer at a later date than my JNH sauna?
A: Absolutely! All JNH sauna accessories can be added on at a later time.

Q: How many infrared foot warmers can I purchase for a JNH sauna?
A: The size of your JNH sauna will determine how many infrared foot warmers can be accommodated. For example, a 1 person sauna can have 1 infrared foot warmer, a 2 person sauna can have 2 infrared foot warmers, etc.

Q: How do I plug the infrared foot warmer into my JNH sauna?
A: The foot warmer comes with a ‘splitter’ and will share the same connection that an existing heater panel uses.

Q: How do I clean the foot warmer?
A: For a quick clean-up, wipe down the glass and wood in between uses. For a more thorough cleaning, gently remove a section of the wooden frame and a small wooden shim, which will then allow the glass to be removed. To clean the glass, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a glass cleaning solution. Once clean, simply slide the glass and the wooden shim back into place and screw the frame back into its original position.

Q: Does the infrared foot warmer come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the infrared foot warmer comes with a one-year warranty.

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