Tatiana Suarez

Tatiana Suarez

Tatiana Suarez



Short Bio:
Competitor in Strawweight Division of UFC

“I absolutely love my JNH Lifestyle’s infrared sauna! I used my JNH Lifestyle’s sauna for a 66 day challenge. I noticed that I was far better recovered after doing these self care sessions.”



Mixed Martial Arts competitor Tatiana Suarez’s resume includes bring the 2-time bronze medalist in the world championships of freestyle wrestling, Gladiator Challenge Flyweight Champion, Women's Wrestling Bronze World Championships in 2008 Tokyo & 2010 Moscow, and the Strawweight tournament winner in the 23rd season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. Tatiana competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where her Pro Record stands at 8-0-0.

JNH: Why did you want an infrared sauna?

Tatiana: I wanted to be able to have long sessions in the sauna without the heat being too unbearable.

JNH: How often do you use it?

Tatiana: I use my infrared sauna 4 times a week.

JNH: How long are your sessions?

Tatiana: My sessions are 60 minutes long. I stretch and use a massage gun while I’m in my sauna.

JNH: What results have you seen over the past few months of using the sauna?

Tatiana: I noticed that I recover well when I added the sauna to my daily routine.

JNH: What benefits have you experienced?

Tatiana: I’ve noticed that adding the sauna to my daily routine has helped my muscles recover from tough workouts.

JNH: Would you recommend infrared sauna usage?

Tatiana: Absolutely! I have recommended it to all of my friends who are interested in buying a sauna.

JNH: What do you think about your ProSeries?

Tatiana: I love the ProSeries. I’m glad it had Bluetooth so I can play music while I get a good session in.

JNH: What is one thing that you really like about your sauna?

Tatiana: I love that it’s small yet it gets really good heat.

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