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Our most popular infrared sauna accessory, the Chromotherapy Light, features 6 unique colors that are included within one bulb. JNH home infrared sauna users can conveniently toggle between solid colors and various color-changing modes with the included remote.*

Chromotherapy (A.K.A. Light Therapy) uses specific colors to contribute different health benefits to the human body. If you're new to chromotherapy or would like to learn more, read our short and sweet blog: Chromo What? Learn About Chromotherapy and its Amazing Benefits

The colors included in the Chromotherapy Light accessory and their associated benefits are:

Green - Green is the universal healing color and provides a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony. 
Yellow - Provides clarity of thought, increases awareness and stimulates curiosity. Yellow has also been associated with the ability to perceive/understand.
Red - Promotes cellular growth, stimulating the circulatory system. It also increases physical energy, stamina, grounding, spontaneity, stability and passion. 
Violet - Stimulates intuition, imagination, self-knowledge, meditation and artistry.
Blue - Has a pacifying effect on the nervous system, encouraging relaxation. Blue promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, calming worrisome/anxious minds.
Turquoise - Similar to blue, turquoise is most often used in the pursuit of mental relaxation. It can also help with communication, honesty and self-expression.

*The Chromotherapy Light is designed by JNH Lifestyles and works exclusively with the Joyous, Ensi, Tosi and ProSeries infrared saunas. It will not function in any other light socket outside of JNH's infrared saunas.


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Q: What colors are included with the chromotherapy light?
A: Our chromotherapy light accessory offers 6 different colors - green, yellow, red, violet, blue and turquoise.

Q: Can I install a third-party light bulb into the JNH sauna's light socket?
A: No, the light socket built into your JNH sauna is only compatible with our chromotherapy light accessory.

Q: Does the chromotherapy light provide red light therapy?
A: While the chromotherapy accessory does emit the color red, it is not considered red light therapy. For more information on red light therapy, click here.

Q: How do I change the colors?
A: Your chromotherapy light includes a remote control device that manages all the various light settings.

Q: Can use the chromotherapy light outside of my JNH sauna?
A: No, the chromotherapy light is only compatible with the light socket installed in your JNH sauna.

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