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Where To Find The Best Sauna To Install In Your Home?

Where To Find The Best Sauna To Install In Your Home?

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With so many infrared sauna companies competing in the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice on the best sauna for you and your family. Understandably, you want to make an informed decision, get a great deal and purchase a reliable indoor sauna. However, how can you make heads or tails out of all of the variety of saunas available. How do you know if the company you are purchasing your sauna from is reputable?

A Guide To Purchasing The Best Sauna On The Market

So, you’ve been doing your research on dry sauna benefits and have concluded that an indoor will be your next big purchase. That’s wonderful! Nonetheless, you are now stuck in first gear because you want to be sure you are choosing an infrared sauna from a company that puts your needs first. Here are a few questions you have to keep in mind before making the ultimate decision on the best sauna for you.

What Kind Of Wood Is The Best For Sauna Manufacturing?

You will see two preferred choices: Red Cedar or Hemlock in infrared saunas. Hemlock is a gorgeous furniture wood that provides smooth contoured lines and edges on sauna designs. Another big plus about hemlock is that it can naturally prevent mold, bacteria and mildew from forming. Hemlock is great for construction purposes because it’s a stable wood that can adapt and adjust itself to expansion and contraction, which prevents cracks, bends, splinters and bows.

The other preferred wood is Red Cedar, a leader in shingles and siding, as well as other classic uses include poles, fences, decks, windows and doors, frames and moldings, paneling, greenhouses, outdoor furniture, saunas, boats, gazebos, etc. Red Cedar boasts that natural cedar scent, whereas Hemlock Is virtually unscented. Western Red Cedar will last for decades–even centuries–weathering and aging year after year, holding its own in the elements.

Is It Easy To Assemble?

When you purchase an in home infrared sauna, there are only a limited number of different types of assemblies on the market. For instance, buckles, locking system, magnetic systems and bolt as well as anchor systems. All of these assemblies are great ways of keeping your sauna together, and there are no risks of the sauna falling apart. However, each one has its pros and cons that you should be aware of. Here is a list of them below:

Buckling Latch Assembly

JNH Lifestyles prefers this method and is seen as the the best solution if you want to go for something simple. You use latches to buckle achieving a flawless “tool-free” assembly. A con to this type of assembly may be the aesthetics, some say it adds a bit of character to furniture items. Nevertheless, latching buckle assembly is the easiest to build and breakdown.

Locking Assembly

Some relate this assembly system to high-quality garden furniture that only takes a few clicks to assemble it in place for a seamless and flawlessly aligned fit. Locking assemblies are low maintenance because you don’t need any tools and usually include a buckle system at the back of the sauna. If you want a sauna that has a clean, sleek look, then ask whether the sauna model you are interested in comes in locking assembly.

Magnetic Assembly

This type of assembly method is not usually used, nor is it recommended since the strong magnets can interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators. Essentially, the health risks may be too high for people with heart problems, who are a good majority of people that purchase a sauna to improve their heart health.

Bolt & Anchor Assembly Systems

If you are pretty handy with a set of tools and have great alignment skills, then you won’t blink an eye with a bolt and anchor assembly. You have to make sure that every screw on each wall has equal pressure so the sauna aligns properly. This type of assembly could take some time to align correctly. Therefore, only purchase a sauna with this type of assembly if you are quite dexterous, or have a professional that can help you out. Besides not getting a good fit, you could end up scratching up your brand new sauna!

What Are The Best Heaters?

As a rule of thumb, you want to choose an infrared sauna that emits little to no EMFs. To learn more about EMF’s, visit the JNH Lifestyles’ site, where comprehensive research as well as links can be located. Search for saunas that have a heater that uses biophoton nano-carbon technology. They are flexible carbon heating panels that many in the sauna industry use since they are the safest and most durable heater available on the market with a lifespan of about 50 years.

Does The Sauna Company Provide Lift Gate Service?

You want to know this because when it comes to delivering a sauna without a lift gate service, you could be setting yourself up for damage to happen during delivery. A delivery truck that is not equipped with a lift gate will mean that a palletized sauna has to be broken down and slid off the rear of the truck. A lot of the time, these boxes are accidentally dropped and damage happens.

Does The Company Palletize Their Saunas?

It’s good to know if the company you are buying your sauna from palletizes it because you can avoid the unnecessary damage during freight shipping. If the sauna has been palletized correctly, a forklift can pick it up without putting any forklift holes in your sauna.

Does The Company Stack the Boxes Or Stands Them On Edge?

When sauna boxes are stacked, it causes pressure to the sauna. Also, if the boxes are not labeled properly, the freight carrier usually stacks other shipments on top of your sauna. This just creates another opportunity for you to receive a damaged sauna on arrival.

When a sauna company correctly palletizes its products, all the boxes will stand on edge side by side, shrink-wrapped together and also strapped to a pallet with clear-cut “DO NOT STACK” instructions. When the boxes are positioned on edge, the uneven surfaces prevent the freight carriers from stacking while your sauna is in transit.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that your sauna dealer stands by their products, can provide you with an excellent and fair warranty and is not afraid to be responsible for any damage that can occur before you can even welcome your new infrared sauna home!

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