Using An Infrared Sauna in Your Weight Loss Routine

Using An Infrared Sauna in Your Weight Loss Routine

Posted by JNH Lifestyles on 26th Nov 2019

Weight Loss Scale

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That dreaded number on the scale is something most of us hate to face. I would know, I used to be a good 265 lbs. when I was a sophomore in high school, which in my opinion is one of the worse times to be an overweight kid. Eventually, during my junior year, I joined the high school wrestling team which taught me a lot of healthy habits that I’ve carried into my adulthood. Today, I’m content at 185 lbs., but it wasn’t an easy trip from the starting 265 lbs. and it’s a continuous struggle trying to maintain my weight.

From the time I started a healthy lifestyle to today, I’ve learned that there’s no one paved road to follow when it comes to losing weight. But there are general guidelines and amazing tools you can utilize that’ll make carving your own path an easier endeavor. One convenient, in-home device that a lot of people currently exploit are infrared saunas.

Do Infrared Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

I’m not saying that an infrared sauna is a stand-alone weight loss machine, but they can be used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet as a catalyst to reach your goals 1. Anyone who claims otherwise, stating that an infrared sauna is all you need , should be treated with caution. Yes, you can lose weight after one session, but what you lost is pretty much all water weight. (Side note: When I was in wrestling, kids would wrap themselves in trash bags and run until they reached their target weight class. Everything they lost was water weight, so they wouldn’t drink or eat until they officially weighed in.) This short-term weight loss will more than likely be replenished once you start drinking water again (Which should be done immediately after every session because it’s extremely important to re-hydrate yourself). One infrared sauna session or one-hundred sessions will not help you lose actual fat if you’re not also accompanying them with worthwhile exercise and nutrient-dense foods 7.

In fact, there was a study published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology where Fernanda and others tested if women who suffer from obesity could lessen their cardiometabolic risk with low-level laser therapy (near infrared) and exercise 7. Notice that for their research, they combined a form of infrared therapy with exercise; more specifically aerobic exercise with resistance training. By doing so, the women who participated experienced a, “…decrease in neck and waist circumferences; percentual of fat; [and] visceral fat area…” (Duarte et al. 2015). In short: Yes, infrared saunas can help you lose weight when you integrate your sessions with a healthy lifestyle regimen.

Losing Weight is Hard!

I know, right?! One of the most impressive benefits far infrared radiation (FIR) offers is its ability to increase your heart rate 3. This rise can simulate a mild form of cardio, but shouldn’t be used as a substitute for traditional cardiovascular exercises. Remember, your infrared sauna is a tool to help you on your journey to a healthier you and shouldn’t be used as a stand-alone method in a weight loss plan.

Group Exercise

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Don’t pay attention to the number on the scale, because the variables that effect that number are too high to use that as a reliable source of progress. Instead, use the techniques utilized by Fernanda and others, in which they measured the circumferences of certain body parts and monitored body fat percentages. There’s also the classic method of trying on a piece of clothing you’re working towards fitting into. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat!

Where Can I Get an Infrared Sauna?

There are plenty of online retailers that offer infrared saunas, but at JNH Lifestyles, we guarantee to have a collection that’ll grab your eye. Looking for a best-seller? Check out our Joyous Collection! Are you interested in ultra-low EMF options? Take a gander at the Ensi Collection! Or, do you want full spectrum AND ultra-low EMF? Look no further than our Tosi Collection. No matter which collection you choose, all our saunas emit far infrared, making them valuable weight loss devices that are waiting to be included into your new lifestyle. If you also want to use near infrared like in the study mentioned earlier, the Tosi Collection is currently our only infrared sauna that offers it.

Tosi 2 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, Ultra-Low EMF


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