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8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas to Get the Infrared Sauna Addict in Your Life

8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas to Get the Infrared Sauna Addict in Your Life

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With Christmas literally right around the corner, you may be scrambling to find something your loved ones will enjoy and cherish. Luckily for us online shoppers, we don’t have to deal with the mayhem of going to a local shopping mall; all our purchases are brought right to the doorstep without ever having to change out of our PJ’s.

If you yourself own a JNH Lifestyles infrared sauna or have a loved one that does, then we have some excellent online gifts for your consideration. Some of the gifts featured are specifically designed to work with a JNH infrared sauna, enhancing and improving the overall experience for whoever is lucky enough to receive them as a present. While others are great additions that the sauna addict in your life will absolutely love!

1. Personalized Water Bottle

Personalized Water Bottle

Photo by Houston Max on Unsplash

Drinking water before, during and after a sauna session is a piece of advice that all sauna users should be following. To encourage yourself, family or friends to stay hydrated, consider purchasing a reusable water bottle with unique, cool designs that’ll make you want to bring it everywhere you go! I personally own a 64 oz. insulated water bottle that I’ve decorated with stickers. On a daily basis, I make it a goal to have the whole bottle finished by the end of the day.

2. Infrared Foot Warmer

The infrared foot warmer provides express heat to the feet of any fortunate individual lucky enough to own one. This direct heat to your lower extremities aids with quickly warming up your body as a whole and can relieve the discomfort that comes with chronic cold feet. Our infrared foot warmer can also increase blood flow, which in turn decreases foot inflammation and the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

3. Oxygen Ionizer

Oxygen Ionizer

Your infrared sauna can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other pollutants that can cause unpleasant odors. To combat this, we’ve incorporated every JNH infrared sauna with a special DC electrical plug that our oxygen ionizer functions perfectly with. The ionizer functions by creating negative ions that seek positive ions to bind to. These positive ions can be pollen, bacteria, dust, mold and other unpleasant substances. Once the negative ions bind with a positive ion, they become heavier than air, dropping to the floor. This process keeps your cabin air smelling fresh and renewed after every session!

4. Foam Bathmat

Bath Mat

Anyone who’s ever sat in a sauna will tell you how covered in sweat they were when they stepped out. This perspiration from your body can drip to the floor, and, depending on what type of flooring you have, present different hazards. If you have carpet, your sweat can accumulate overtime and potentially cause mold to grow underneath. For people with tile or any type of hard floors, your sweat can create a slip-hazard. We know these are extreme examples, but they happen, and we want you avoid any potential risks.

A foam bathmat placed in front of an infrared sauna is an easy and affordable way to avoid all these dangers. It provides you when a place to stand while you dry off, catching any sweat that happens to fall off of you. And when you notice that it’s starting to get dirty, you can just throw it in the washer!

5. Chromotherapy Light

Chromotherapy Light

Perhaps our most sought-after accessory, the chromotherapy light offers 6 different color options all packaged into one bulb. Included with the chromotherapy light is a convenient remote that allows you to select a fixed color or mode that cycles through all of them. The color options are red, yellow, green, violet, light blue and indiga; each offering their own unique benefits to the human body. Please be aware that our chromotherapy bulb only works with JNH Lifestyle’s infrared saunas.

6. Ergonomic Lumbar Support and Neck Rest

Lumbar Support & Neck Rest

Maintaining perfect posture for an entire infrared session can be done by some, but realistically, it’s a goal most people forget about, which leads to an inevitable slouch. Save yours and/or a friends spine with a lumbar and neck support combo pack. These are specifically designed to fit snuggly onto a JNH heater panel and are especially handy for infrared sessions lasting longer than 30 minutes. If you feel like you won’t need the lumbar support, we also offer a dual neck rest pack for your convenience!

7. Towels

Sauna Towels

This one is obvious, but you can never have enough towels when you’re a chronic sauna user! After you’ve finished a sweat-session and wiped yourself down with a towel, you typically would toss that one into the hamper (considering all the sweat is filled with toxins). Imagine being a daily user, you’re going through A LOT of towels, which means more laundry days. Lessen the amount of wash days for yourself, a family member or a friend by purchasing a couple of towels. You’ll realize that those extra towels do truly come in handy.

8. Hair Turban

Hair Turban

Some people prefer to take a shower right after a sauna session to rinse away any excess toxins that could be lingering on their skin. For those with long hair, you probably want to keep it as healthy as possible, and constantly towel-drying it after a shower isn’t doing your luscious hair any favors. All that friction from a traditional towel damages your hair’s cuticle layer, causing breakage/damage and frizz. Save yourself (or a loved ones) long hair with a hair turban, which are typically made from highly absorbent fabric materials. Hair turbans lock in moisture and eliminate the need of excessively rubbing your hair. No matter your gender, if you have long hair or know someone with long hair, snag one of these up!

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