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Far Infrared Saunas Are Great for A Wide Range of Lifestyles

Far Infrared Saunas Are Great for A Wide Range of Lifestyles

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The invention of far infrared saunas has made it much easier to own a sauna in your own home. What was once regarded as a luxury item can now be installed easily and affordably in almost any living situation. You may have thought about buying one, but you weren’t sure about whether your home would be a good fit because of the power that needed to be generated for its operation. You might also have been concerned about how it works, and what sort of effect it has on the body. In this article, we will address both of those issues and set your mind at ease.

How It Works

With a traditional dry sauna, the air is heated by using a stove. The temperature of the air increases in your immediate vicinity. This causes your body temperature to increase as it absorbs the heat convection. You respond by starting the cooling process, manifesting itself by the transportation of blood closer to the surface of the skin. The pores open, and you begin to sweat. With infrared heat, it’s a little different. An infrared sauna heats the air around you, but to a lesser degree. Infrared heaters emit a wavelength of infrared light that is very specific. Your skin absorbs it, and the body’s temperature rises. You’re getting the same benefits that you would with a traditional sauna, but it’s happening at a lower temperature. This is important because for some people, the heat generated by a non-infrared sauna is excessive. An infrared sauna is a better choice for a wider variety of people, including those who are advanced in age.

How Much Power It Requires

The amount of power needed to run a traditional sauna versus an infrared variety is also different. Traditional saunas need more power for a session. A typical sauna is going to require about 6 kw, while the average infrared sauna needs only 1.6 kw. That means it’s about three times more power to run a traditional steam sauna. That can be a big difference when you’re considering which variety is suited for your home use. It’s not going to mean a huge spike in your monthly expenditures to own an infrared sauna, even if you’re using it often.

Considered in this way, it is easy to see why an infrared sauna is a superior choice for home use and ownership. Increasingly people have come to this realization, and they’re enjoying the benefits of their saunas. Speak to one of our salespeople, and they’ll be glad to explain how you can join them. Don’t miss out on this chance to boost your health and happiness.

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