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An Infrared Sauna for Every Home

At JNH Lifestyles, it's our mission that every household is given the opportunity to experience the many wonderful health benefits of home infrared sauna therapy. Whether you want to sleep better, detoxify, lose weight, relieve pain, boost your immune system or simply relax at the end of the day, there’s an infrared home sauna in our collection that’s right for you.

Every JNH infrared sauna collection features:
  • 100% Canadian Western Hemlock Wood
  • Tempered Glass Windows and Door
  • Dual-wall Insulation
  • Tongue & Groove Construction
  • User-friendly Digital Control Panel
  • Premium Sound System w/Bluetooth
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Easy Assembly

The Joyous Collection

Handcrafted from Canadian Western Hemlock wood, the Joyous Collection is an absolute customer favorite. These home infrared saunas feature our classic carbon fiber heaters, emitting the ideal frequency of far infrared for the human body.

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The Ensi™ Collection

We understand that some shoppers may be required to limit their exposure to EMF's due to pacemakers and other medical devices*. In an effort to stay true to our mission while responding to the needs of our customers, we created the Ensi™ Collection, an infrared home sauna that boasts ultra-low EMF carbon fiber heaters.

The heaters within the Ensi™ Collection have been tested by Intertek and Vitatech, with a stellar average reading of 0.32 mG. And just like the Joyous, the Ensi™ collection emits therapeutic far infrared waves that your body will thank you for later.
*Electric and magnetic fields (EMF's) are a natural occurrence with all electronic devices. To learn more about EMF's, click here.

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The tosi™ Collection

Our Tosi™ Collection comes to you with our most advanced, cutting-edge home infrared sauna technology. Unlike the Ensi™, the Tosi™ Collection is not only equipped with ultra-low EMF carbon fiber heaters, but also features advanced near infrared LED's.

This creates a full spectrum infrared environment, providing the ultimate infrared sauna therapy. New to the concept of full spectrum? Learn more with our Introduction to Full Spectrum Saunas.

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The pro series 200

The ProSeries 200 is a stand-alone home infrared sauna with a unique twist. It features ultra-low EMF carbon fiber heaters, an advanced near infrared LED panel and core heaters. The inclusion of core heaters make the ProSeries 200 a one-of-a-kind infrared sauna.

But what are core heaters, you ask? Our proprietary core heaters swing outward to focus therapeutic infrared waves towards the core of your body where vital organs and joints are located. They are constructed with carbon fiber and come pre-mounted onto the left and right interior walls.

Check out the core heaters in action here.

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