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Clearing Up Some Truths and Inaccuracies Regarding the Far Infrared Sauna

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If you have thought about buying an infrared sauna before, you may have wanted to do so based on one particular aspect,  like the low cost or one of the supposed health benefits. But how can you know which of the claims regarding saunas are true? Are all  the benefits of using an infrared sauna readily accessible for anyone?

Let’s explore some of the claims made about infrared saunas and separate fiction from fact. Specifically, we’re going to talk about toxins in the body and mental conditions that can be affected by infrared sauna use.

Can an Infrared Sauna Get Rid of Toxins?

One of the primary reasons that the public buys infrared saunas is because they’ve heard that it can eliminate toxins from the body.  But are these claims  true?

First, it’s important to understand where these toxins originate. If you eat processed foods, then chances are there are trace elements of toxins present in  the way that they are prepared. That’s not to say that a microwaveable dinner is poisonous, but rather that you’ll start to experience some adverse health effects if you eat them day after day for years on end. That's why it's always better to opt for raw foods whenever you can, as they also  have much less sodium.

Toxins also come from so-called “natural” foods.  Even if you eat fresh fruits or vegetables,  it’s highly likely that those veggies or fruits were still subjected to nearby air pollution or pesticides to control insects.

Chemicals might also come when you walk through an exhaled cloud of cigarette smoke on the street,  the door handles you touch, or the styrofoam coffee cups you use. They may come from plastics, makeups, or by using the printer in your office.  Toxins are everywhere, but a far infrared sauna can indeed help you.

The rays emitted by the heating units of a far infrared sauna can penetrate your body deeply enough to force those toxins to the surface and out through your pores. In other words, if you’re one of the people  asking “how much does a sauna cost?” because you’re looking to rid the body of chemicals, then you’re on the right track. Once those chemicals are out of you in the form of sweat you can simply wipe them off with a towel.

Can a Far Infrared Sauna Improve Mental Health?

Other individuals decide to buy a far infrared sauna because they hear that it can help with  mental health issues. Is there any truth to this  case?

Negative Feelings

The answer is yes, far infrared saunas can  indeed help with several mental health problems. The first issue worth discussing is infrared sauna’s benefit  as a mood regulator. Feelings of frustration or anger are never good, but they are also relatively common and should not be regarded as abnormal. What’s vital is that we have healthy outlets for these feelings, and  that we treat ourselves with care to  find a place of  Zen and balance.

If you get  a one-person far infrared sauna,  then you can treat yourself to sessions that will mellow you out substantially. The time in the warming glow of your sauna can help you to forget about the factors in your life that are causing negative feelings to grow.  If you cannot forget about them, you can at least put them in perspective in such a way that you can deal with them rationally when you get out of your sauna and reenter the outside world.


Depression is another  one of the issues that  might want a far infrared sauna to treat.  Feelings of depression are more widespread than you think, as millions of Americans and around the globe deal with it in its many forms.  Some depression is clinically diagnosed, while for others it comes in the form of feeling down  for a few days. The weather can also affect mood, as many  people feel depressed in the winter if they live in a cold climate.

Time in an infrared sauna can get you thinking happy thoughts again. That’s because serotonin levels in your body will increase  with regular sauna use. You can tackle your days and whatever complications they bring when you know that you have a far infrared sauna at home.

Blood Flow

You might not associate blood flow with mental health and feeling good (or bad), but it is directly related. To function correctly, the brain uses oxygen from your bloodstream. Infrared sauna rays penetrate the muscle tissues deeply. The heat that is being delivered causes  blood flow to the brain and  extremities to increase. It is like a way of supercharging your body.

As you sit in the sauna and bask in the luxurious heat, you can take deep breaths and feel your thinking sharpen. That is why a sauna session is great if you have a serious decision to make. You can turn the problem over in your head as you sit in the sauna, and the increased blood flow will help with your mental processes. You should find that what you once thought of as an insurmountable problem is not as difficult as you feared.

Time in an infrared sauna can put you back in touch with the most basic elements of yourself, your body, and your mind. You can get an assessment of what  shape your body is in and also how you’re feeling about yourself mentally. Don’t be surprised if revelations come to you in the sauna. You might come to decisions or look at situations differently.

The more you use your home sauna, the more you will come to depend on it to boost your mental and physical health.  These saunas are inexpensive and easy to install, so once you start using one, there’s never a need to go back to the way things were. Just be sure that you get one that is of good quality and comes with a generous warranty.

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