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How To Maintain Your Sauna For Maximum Infrared Sauna Benefits?

How To Maintain Your Sauna For Maximum Infrared Sauna Benefits?

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When you invest in a JNH Lifestyles infrared sauna, you are going to take advantage of all the infrared sauna benefits, improving your overall health and well-being. However, just like you have to eat right, get enough sleep, and of course, use your home infrared sauna on a regular basis to take care of your body; you also have to take care of your infrared sauna to not only keep it running smoothly but retain its lifetime potential.

How To Take Care of Your Sauna To Get Maximum Infrared Sauna Benefits?

When you properly take care of your sauna, you can enjoy far infrared sauna benefits for many wonderful years to come! Here are a few tips that help you learn about good maintenance, cleaning, and care tips that will keep your infrared sauna operating at its greatest potential.

How To Keep Your Infrared Sauna Clean?

Keeping your far infrared sauna clean and sanitary is a very simple and not time-consuming. You won’t have to worry about committing long, painstaking hours to keep your home sauna spic and span! This goes for any size of sauna, so whether you have a one-person, 4 person or a corner sauna, it won’t make any difference in the amount of effort you have to put in for maintenance.

JNH Lifestyles’ infrared saunas are easier to clean and keep sanitary than traditional saunas. You will most likely notice that you have to clean your kitchen and other areas of your home more vigorously and frequently compared to your sauna. One of the main reasons that far infrared saunas need less maintenance than a traditional sauna is because there is no steam (water) involved when it comes to heating up the unit.

Sauna Seating

Using microfiber or cotton towels will help in keeping your sauna clean and looking brand new. We suggest investing in half a dozen or so hand towels and bath towels. The access to hand towels not only improves your sauna experience but also protects your bench and floor from sweat stains developing over time. Place a towel on the bench where you intend on sitting. Also, place one on the floor for your feet. Size is irrelevant and a personal choice; hence, why we suggest the two sizes!

Putting a towel on your sauna benches and floor results in catching the sweat that would have otherwise beaded on the wood.

The towels will be used as well to dab and absorb sweat as it trickles on your skin. Not only will this force your body to help itself to more sauna benefits by encouraging it to sweat more, but it will also help to keep your sauna clean.

You can place a towel on the sauna floor to catch any dirt that is on your feet and to prevent any sweat stains from getting on the sauna floor. When you are ready from your sauna session, don’t forget to remove all moist and wet towels from the sauna unit to prevent any moisture from building up in there.

We also suggest giving your sauna a quick wipedown after your session, and to leave the door open for one hour to ensure it dries inside completely.

What To Do After Your Sauna Session?

JNH Lifestyles’ accessories collection includes our Oxygen Ionizer. An Oxygen Ionizer is a device that rids the air of dust, pollens, bacteria, and other pollutants. Inside your Infrared Sauna, Oxygen Ionizers purify the air by removing allergens, dander and odors, leaving your Infrared Sauna air fresh and clean.

We recommend starting up the oxygen ionizer and shutting the door so the sauna can properly clean itself. An Oxygen Ionizer can keep your sauna free from viruses, mold, bacteria, and odors that can accumulate over time. Let your Oxygen ionizer operate for 30 minutes after each session to maintain a sanitary, fresh-smelling and welcoming sauna. Don’t forget to vacuum or sweep your sauna regularly to remove loose dirt from the floor. When you properly take care of your sauna, you will stop bacteria and mold from growing inside your unit.

How do Oxygen Ionizers Work?

Oxygen Ionizers work by creating an electrical charge to produce negative ions, which remove tiny partials from the air. The negative ions produced by Oxygen Ionizers seek out positive ions like pollen, bacteria, dust, mold, etc. When the positive and negative ions bond, they become heavy dropping to the floor. The next step, of course, is to remember to sweep out your Infrared Sauna.

Your Infrared Sauna is a special place where you can encourage healing, health, and relaxation. The Oxygen Ionizer just ensures the air is clean, pure, and fresh.

How To Remove Sweat Stains And Dirt From Your Infrared Sauna?

All JNH Lifestyles saunas are made from 100% Hemlock or Red Cedar. Our woods are untreated and unfinished to maximize safety and longevity. There is no off-gassing. We do not recommend treating your home sauna wood structure in any way.

Your infrared sauna should be a chemical-free zone so never use any chemicals to clean your sauna.

Although you may practice the suggested maintenance for a lifetime of usage, you might notice some general wear even if you and your sauna mates are as prudent as they come. To remove sweat stains and dirt, simply wipe down with a lightly water-dampened cloth. Be careful not to use too much water on your cloth or sponge, or leave the water to sit on the wood’s surface as this could darken and stain the wood. We also strongly suggest utilizing a coaster for water containers.

Now that you know that maintaining a clean and sanitary infrared sauna is so easy and not time-consuming at all, you, your family and friends can enjoy the infrared sauna benefits without any hassles whatsoever!

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