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Should You Buy A Portable Sauna For Sale?

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You might be on the hunt for an infrared sauna, but are a bit hesitant when it comes to choosing the portable sauna for sale or a sauna that you can actually build in your own home. Are you looking for a sauna for long term health benefits, but not certain which one to go for?

Should You Buy A Portable Sauna For Sale Or A Prefab Modular Sauna?

You might be very tempted to purchase a portable infrared sauna, simply because you want a device that can move with you if or when you change homes. Many people get tempted because they are convinced by the sales associate that a portable sauna is a more convenient and better option. Also, they usually seal the deal, since these types of sauna units are more often than not offered at bargain prices. However, just because they are easy on the pocketbook, doesn’t make them any better. A portable far infrared sauna is normally low in quality and doesn’t provide the same effectiveness and experience as a conventional build-at-home infrared sauna.

On the other hand, you could consider the JNH Lifestyles modular sauna kit. Why? Because you can actually have the best of both worlds - a quality sauna that looks, acts and feels like you are having a proper sweat session. Also, if you plan on moving home, you're renting the property or want to change the location of your sauna, you can simply take it apart and rebuild the sauna in your new desired location. A prefab modular sauna is pre-built and can literally be snapped together in a couple of hours. That means you can start enjoying the health benefits from your sauna within the day.

What Are Infrared Saunas?

Infrared saunas are the most common and probably the best type of portable sauna to choose from. They operate by providing infrared heat in the interior of the sauna unit. Instead of using steam, or the traditional hot rocks as heating elements, JNH Lifestyles uses Carbon Fiber Far Infrared heaters that encourage relaxation and other health benefits.

What Is Infrared Heat?

Infrared heat provides energy directly to the body rather than heating the air around the unit as traditional saunas do. Also, infrared heat is safe for the skin, and the temperature of an infrared sauna is usually 20°F lower than a traditional sauna. A majority of infrared saunas reach a maximum temperature of 150°F, while a traditional sauna using charcoal can reach up to 170°F. Due to the fact that infrared saunas are lower in temperature, you can spend more time in an infrared sauna without overheating than in a traditional wood or charcoal fired sauna.

What’s The Difference Between The Infrared And Ultraviolet Spectrum?

Infrared and ultraviolet light sit on opposite ends of the light spectrum. Ultraviolet light is usually found in tanning beds and are very harmful. That’s why it’s important to use protection such as sunblock to protect yourself from UV rays. Infrared light is not harmful, and there’s no problem with exposure to infrared light and heat.

How Can An Infrared Sauna Cure My Arthritis?

There are about 100 types of arthritis, however, the majority of people are affected by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is when cartilage in the joints begins to breakdown, whereas rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune response, which makes your immune system attacks the lining of your joints. Osteoarthritis usually affects the joints that are used more often. Rheumatoid arthritis commonly affects the wrists and hands.

How Does An Infrared Sauna Help Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Due to the fact that not much can cure rheumatoid arthritis in general, it is normally treated with medications. However, if you are looking for a drug-free alternative, an infrared sauna is a great avenue since it can help relieve pain, relax muscle stiffness and increase mobility. The infrared waves which are emitted from infrared saunas heat up the body evenly. This causes a form of “hyperthermia” in your body that creates many health benefits. Heat therapy isn’t a new concept for medicine since it's been long used to help relax muscles and open up blood vessels for improved blood flow. As soon as the infrared waves from your sauna make contact with your skin, these effects are set in motion.

How Does An infrared Sauna Reduce Arthritic Pain?

After a few minutes soaking in the soothing heat that only a far infrared sauna can generate, you’ll feel knotted muscles relax and your body will start to circulate blood better. When blood circulation is enhanced, your body’s blood is able to deliver more oxygen to the brain which results in making you feel more rejuvenated and restored in both body and mind. Also, infrared heat helps to release endorphins, which are the natural “feel good” chemical in your body. Endorphins communicate with pain receptors in your brain to scale down the pain arthritis sufferers experience.

Furthermore, since rheumatoid arthritis can hinder your mobility, you should be aware that the radiant heat from an infrared sauna is an ideal way for your body to get the health benefits of exercise, such as weight loss and improve the cardiovascular system, without unnecessary stress on your joints.

How Does An Infrared Sauna Treat Osteoarthritis?

Studies reveal that there are around 27 million people suffering from osteoarthritis in the United States. If you are unfortunate to be one of these 27 million, an infrared sauna could be what you need to cope with the pain.

Much the same how an infrared sauna works for rheumatoid arthritis, when osteoarthritis patients use an infrared sauna, the infrared light will raise their body heat and brings about what is known as photo-modulation. Photo-modulation improves physical imbalances, which includes pain in the body.

Additionally, infrared light promotes blood circulation and as a result of this, will transport oxygen and naturally produced chemicals that help to lower pain. Routinely using an infrared sauna for osteoarthritis will also lessen the stiffness commonly felt after a day of activity.

So, the next time you go shopping for a portable sauna for sale, think again. A prefab modular sauna is more effective for health benefits, can be taken down and reassembled again in different rooms of the house, or another home altogether, and more aesthetic to look at as well as sit in for a good sweat!

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