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Experience a Blissful Way of Getting Fit through a Personal Infrared Sauna

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If you love going to the sauna but don’t want to share space with others, you can opt to get a personal infrared sauna. It may be different from a  traditional sauna since it doesn’t use coal and steam, but the heat an infrared sauna has  the same  health benefits and more!

Get More Personal with an In-Home Sauna

If lingering reservations are still preventing you from purchasing  a personal infrared sauna, then  you are depriving yourself of a great investment!  Infrared saunas are slowly becoming the norm for people, as everyone from your next door neighbour to your favorite  celebrities  are extolling the benefits of an in-home sauna.

Read on to find out more about how personal you can get in a home infrared sauna.

  • You can use your own accessories.

With home infrared saunas, you can choose which accessories to include for a personalized experience.

If you want the heat to penetrate your feet, you have an optional foot warmer. Meanwhile, if you want a mood stimulator while sweating, install a chromotherapy light. Maybe you prefer bathing in the most comfortable position; then you can prop up a backrest. You couldn’t do these things in the gym sauna, but you have the freedom for all of them and more  in your own abode.

  • You’re in control of your own space.

Even if you’re alone in a gym sauna, its size does not give  you the feeling of being in charge. With a personal home sauna kit, you sweat on your own terms and seize all comfort immediately. The dimensions of the average personal infrared sauna can hold only one person. It thus gives you the true personal space you crave.

  • You can set up the view you like.

Since you can set up the sauna at any corner you like in your house, you can also arrange the view outside the unit to enhance the relaxing effect. If nature relaxes you, set up potted plants right across your sauna. If you want to catch your favorite Netflix series while in the sauna, place a TV set in front of the unit. An advantage of having an infrared sauna is that it doesn’t give off steam, so you get an unobstructed view of what’s outside. So use this to your advantage!

  • You can

With the combination of your own space and the calming infrared heat,  a personal sauna can help you reflect and meditate.  Alongside the many the health benefits of the sauna, meditation helps calm your mind and relax your senses. Inside the sauna, you heal not only your physical being but also your spiritual being. As a result, you emerge out of the sauna not just as a fit person, but as a happy person!

Make Your Sauna Experience Personal!

With a sauna infrared unit at your home, you don’t need to go to the gym for an underwhelming steam bath. Make your sauna baths more profound with a personal infrared unit from JNH Lifestyles! We have a wide selection of infrared saunas made of the finest wood and equipped with high-grade carbon fibers to give you that relaxing, low-EMF sauna experience.

Check out our wide selection of home saunas on our homepage, or call us at 800-528-3110 for inquiries.

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