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Infrared Sauna Tips for Beginners

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Excited about using your home sauna? Infrared heat offers amazing health benefits, and the sooner you can start your sessions, the better. The basics are simple— turn on your sauna, sit down in a comfortable position, and enjoy the heat.

To maximize your sweat session,  these easy tips will turn you into a sauna pro in no time.

  • Start clean.

    Before you step inside your sauna, take a quick shower to remove any product from your skin such as moisturizers or lotions. These will simply drip off or melt inside the unit.

    In addition, they can interfere with the detoxification process that happens inside the sauna. As your core temperature heats up, the skin begins to flush out toxins, impurities, and dirt through your sweat. Let it run its course to maximize the natural purification.

  • Wear as little as possible.

    The beauty of having your own home sauna kit is that you don’t have to be conscious of being around other people. Traditional saunas are open to the public, which is a turn off to those who want to enjoy heat therapy but also want to maintain their privacy.

    A home sauna gives you the best of both worlds. You have your privacy, and this makes it easier to wear the proper sauna attire. The less material that comes between you and the infrared heat, the better.

    But if you still prefer to wear something inside your sauna, make sure it’s made of breathable,  thin fabric like cotton. Refrain from wearing any jewelry as well.

  • Stay hydrated.

    Infrared heat triggers an intense sweat, so you need to replenish these lost fluids often. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sauna session.

    If you plan on staying inside the sauna for more than 20 minutes, break it down into two parts. Hydrate during that break to maintain your safety and comfort the whole time.

  • Cool down after the session.

    Resist the temptation to jump into a cold shower or pool immediately after concluding your time in the sauna. This prevents shock. Instead, spend around 15 minutes adjusting to the cooler external temperatures and drink more water in the meantime.

  • Consider sauna accessories.

    Another way to switch up your sauna experience is to add some accessories. For instance, try out color therapy by adding some chromotherapy lights to your sauna unit. Level up the comfort by springing for additional backrests or footrests. On that note, modern sauna units allow you to play music as well, so create the perfect ambiance by playing some songs you love.

  • Sit back and relax!
    While you’re inside your sauna, feel free to forget about the world for a while. This is your time to find your center and reconnect to your body and mind. The purpose of a sauna is to give you a tranquil, serene place to let the stress melt away and revitalize your whole being.

What are you waiting for? Keep all of these tips in mind, and discover the joy of having your personal sauna. If you’re still in the process of finding the right sauna for you, just call us at JNH Lifestyles and we’ll help you explore your many excellent options.

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