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Regardless of Your Budget, These Are the Features You Can Have Across All Infrared Sauna Prices

Sure, an infrared sauna unit is a relatively big investment. Did you know, however, that no matter your budget, you will not need to forgo important amenities? To give you a better idea, here are some features that you can expect to enjoy across all infrared sauna prices.  Digital Control Panel The last thing you want is to walk inside an [...]

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Major Considerations to Think About When Choosing a Far-Infrared Sauna for Sale

It would be great if you had your very own far-infrared sauna at home. A sauna session would certainly be welcome after a stressful day at work, and you’re looking for a way to detoxify and feel more relaxed at the same time. That said, it may not be that easy to choose the most appropriate home infrared sauna [...]

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Debunking the Myths About Infrared Sauna Price, Features, and Energy Consumption

Although many people are learning about the various benefits associated with owning a home infrared sauna, this knowledge does not make the decision to purchase any easier. One of the foremost reasons why is that there are a lot of misgivings and misconceptions about investing in this kind of equipment. Is it truly going to be worth it? Will the cost [...]

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Important Tips for Preparing Your Home for Infrared Sauna Installation

The prospect of having your very own infrared home sauna unit is something to be very excited about. Finally, you can enjoy and maximize all the benefits that it has to offer, right in the comfort of your own home. In the midst of all this excitement, however, you should not forget to prepare for its installation. The sooner you prepare [...]

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Increased Athletic Performance: Infrared Sauna Benefits for Athletes

There are much more benefits to an infrared sauna than just detoxification. While the mental and cardiovascular benefits of sauna use are outstanding, its health benefits extend to those who seek optimal athletic performance as well.Infrared Sauna and Hyperthermic Conditioning One of the best infrared sauna benefits is its ability to heat the body directly at a lower temperature. [...]

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The Best Far Infrared Sauna Practices to Ensure a Safe and Worthwhile Experience

Undeniably, one of the best ways to relax and detox is through a hot session in a sauna. Whether you just came from work, finished an extensive workout, or are just simply tired, the heat of the sauna is guaranteed to soothe you. However, as with any other equipment, exercising caution is essential to safe use. [...]

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How Your Brain Benefits from Infrared Heat Therapy

People with poor mental health struggle to complete normal, everyday tasks, and often don’t feel good about their lives. That’s why it’s crucial to take care of your mental health as much as you take care of your body. While there are several ways to enhance mental health, one of the easiest and safest ways is through infrared sauna [...]

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Boost Your Brain: Find Out How Infrared Sauna Benefits Your Mental Health

Stress, tension, anxiety - these happen to us every day. In a Stress in America survey, many Americans have reported high levels of stress, and the number of people affected by stress has significantly increased in the past year. While normal stress, in terms of how it allows the body to endure, is somewhat beneficial, chronic stress is not, as it [...]

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How a Far-Infrared Sauna Session Can Support Your Weight-Loss Goals

Around 36.5% of adults in the U.S. are obese , according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Obesity is a serious health concern because it increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, several kinds of cancer, and type 2 diabetes. However, reducing body weight is not that easy given the demands of work, school, and family duties. Subsequently, people [...]

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Why a Low EMF Infrared Sauna Session is a Safe Way to Detoxify and Burn Calories

Since it was first introduced, far-infrared (or FIR) saunas have been hailed as a great innovation in thermal therapy, particularly for those experiencing chronic pain. Previously, long-time sufferers had to use traditional saunas. While these provided relief, the traditional sauna also produced steam, which had the tendency to dry out their nasal passages. Infrared saunas, on the other hand, [...]

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