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Near Infrared Saunas: Should You Buy It?

You may be convinced of the benefits of regular sauna therapy, but it can be confusing trying to decipher the differences between near infrared saunas and far infrared saunas. Which one is the best? When you see a near infrared sauna for sale, should you jump on the bargain or not?The simplest way to make an [...]

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Say Goodbye to the Ill Effects of Stress and Hello to a 3-Person Infrared Sauna

A lot of people are completely unaware of how much tension they store in their muscles. People who live a stressful and fast life typically place themselves at great risk for chronic muscle tension. No matter what type of activity you choose, tension will likely accrue in your body. You therefore need to set aside time every day to [...]

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Looking for the Perfect Small Romantic Getaway? Buy a 2-Person Infrared Sauna

If you and your significant other are looking for a getaway without having to leave the comforts of home - one that reinforces your love for one another while nurturing your well-being - start shopping for a two-person infrared sauna. Although your very own sauna may sound like an expensive investment, it is quite affordable, not to mention space efficient, [...]

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The Secret to Living a Healthy Life Includes Regular Infrared Sauna Sessions

Your body burns calories and flushes out all the unwanted toxins through sweating. Apart from exercising, the best way to sweat is by visiting a sauna. With a regular sauna routine, you’re bound to experience numerous health benefits. Although a traditional sauna will definitely improve your overall health, infrared saunas are particularly good for you because their radiant heat penetrates your [...]

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A Simple, Safe Way to Stay Healthy? Start Using a No-EMF Far-Infrared Sauna

The negative effects imparted by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on your well-being don’t necessarily top the list of things on everyone's mind. While some may think the threat posed by EMF is minimal, EMFs are actually dangerous, especially when weakened immune systems are exposed to significant levels. Those sensitive to EMF often experience depression, muscle pain, stress, fatigue, impeded sleep, burning sensations [...]

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Learn How a Sauna with Far-Infrared Technology Can Help You Lead a Healthier Life

The popularity of heat treatments stretches over thousands of years and many civilizations. First popular among the ancient Chinese, native Americans, and Eastern Europeans, people used heat treatments to reduce stress and induce detoxification of the body. These saunas revolved around the idea of building a fire under an enclosed sitting area. Hot rocks or other materials in a fire [...]

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A Far-Infrared Sauna Can Help You Detoxify

The world is more perilous to your health than you may think. Each day, you are exposed to toxins that pose certain risks to your well-being. Following are three common sources of such everyday toxins, and what you can do to combat them.Food Yes, eating healthy is a cornerstone of wellness, but in truth, not all food is created equal. [...]

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Regardless of Your Budget, These Are the Features You Can Have Across All Infrared Sauna Prices

Sure, an infrared sauna unit is a relatively big investment. Did you know, however, that no matter your budget, you will not need to forgo important amenities? To give you a better idea, here are some features that you can expect to enjoy across all infrared sauna prices.  Digital Control Panel The last thing you want is to walk inside an [...]

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Major Considerations to Think About When Choosing a Far-Infrared Sauna for Sale

It would be great if you had your very own far-infrared sauna at home. A sauna session would certainly be welcome after a stressful day at work, and you’re looking for a way to detoxify and feel more relaxed at the same time. That said, it may not be that easy to choose the most appropriate home infrared sauna [...]

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Debunking the Myths About Infrared Sauna Price, Features, and Energy Consumption

Although many people are learning about the various benefits associated with owning a home infrared sauna, this knowledge does not make the decision to purchase any easier. One of the foremost reasons why is that there are a lot of misgivings and misconceptions about investing in this kind of equipment. Is it truly going to be worth it? Will the cost [...]

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