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5 Amazing Dry Sauna Benefits You Can Enjoy at the Comforts of Your Home

Is sweating buckets in a dry sauna worth it? You bet it is! There are many reasons people have been  using these real hotspots for thousands of years. Read on to find out the incredible dry sauna benefits you shouldn’t pass up. Stress Relief If you ask dry sauna patrons why they frequent their choice hotspots, this [...]

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Far Infrared Sauna Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss!

Far infrared saunas have  been around for ages.  So many people have enjoyed its benefits that they made it a part of their beauty regimens and fitness routines. Some became loyal sauna patrons while others had personal infrared saunas installed in their homes. Despite this,  many people still have little to no knowledge about far [...]

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Is the Best Infrared Sauna Enough: Separating Fact from Myth

The best infrared sauna is the hottest fad in weight loss today.  But despite several high-profile publications, celebrity  and  scientific endorsements,  the health benefits of using infrared saunas are still questioned.  Some pundits  harp on infrared saunas as a hoax, and its claims of health benefits as pseudoscience at best and false advertisements at worst. So [...]

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Weight Loss and In-Home Sauna: FAQs

Weight loss through in-home sauna sessions has been a hotly debated topic for years. One side firmly believes that weight loss through saunas is just water weight lost from sweating. The other pledges on body fat lost from simply sitting and sweating.But which is correct? Check out these frequently asked questions and discover what is fact, [...]

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How a Home Sauna Can Fire Up Your Intimate Relationship with Your Partner

There is a reasonable amount of research showing that saunas have a positive effect on the health of those who use it. A home sauna is the best place to unwind after a heavy workout. It relaxes the body and cools it down giving your muscles time to recuperate. However, that’s only one of its benefits.Saunas are [...]

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Spend Time In A One Person Sauna Before Bed

The single or one person sauna is easy to install in your home these days if you opt for the far infrared variety. Far infrared saunas are much cheaper than their steam-producing counterparts, and all you have to do is set them up and plug them in to start your session. They’re ideal for flushing toxins [...]

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There Are Some Unexpected Mental Benefits Of Using A Sauna

If you purchased a far infrared sauna for home use, or if you are thinking about getting one, you might have a specific goal in mind. You might be trying a new diet, and part of your detox plan involves sauna use. You might be trying to drop some weight, and you heard how time [...]

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Time In An Infrared Sauna Equals Less Pain

If you have thought about purchasing an infrared sauna for home use, there should not be anything to prevent you. There are more versions on the market than ever these days, and unlike a traditional steam version, they’re so well constructed that you can install one with no expertise. You’ll save on the cost of [...]

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Enjoy Your Time In The 2 Person Sauna

You may have heard by now about the many health reasons to purchase a far infrared sauna for your home. You can use it to help you lose weight, elevate your mood during the dreary winter months, and remove impurities from your skin. But there’s another reason you may wish to consider looking into the 2 [...]

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Is The Infrared Sauna Poised To Be The Next Health Craze?

In some trendy parts of the country, like LA or Brooklyn, health crazes seem to spring up periodically and take the nation by storm. This trendsetter status means that there are always going to be new concepts catching on, and some of them will become mainstays in popular culture while others fizzle out. Yoga has [...]

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