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Upgrade Your Workday Habits with a Home a Sauna for Sale

It’s easy to forget self-care when you’re holding an office job.  When you have so many things on your to-do list,  you may forget to eat properly, exercise, or slow down for some quiet time.  Buying a home sauna for sale and spending time inside your infrared sauna every morning can help you turn your [...]

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Experience Color Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home Sauna

Chromotherapy lights are one of the most popular additions to an infrared home sauna, and there’s little wonder why. Colors have long been known to have a powerful effect on human behavior. In the field of marketing and advertising,  color psychology is studied and employed extensively to influence the perceptions and emotions of people. Colors have [...]

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The Perfect Pair: An Active Lifestyle and An In-Home Personal Sauna

The numbers are in, and they bring excellent news: more and more Americans are getting into active lifestyles. The Physical Activity Council says that nearly 300 million more Americans are participating in fitness and sports activities compared to recent years. An active lifestyle is vital for your health, but it’s also physically demanding. Whatever [...]

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Lyme Disease Patients Can Improve Quality of Life with Home Sauna Kit

More than 300, 000 Americans are afflicted with Lyme disease every year. If left untreated it can have a devastating effect on the body and can lower quality of life. Conventional Lyme disease treatment typically involves anti-protozoa medication and oral or IV antibiotics. Unfortunately, many patients find that relying solely on traditional protocols does [...]

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Introduce Children to the Magic of Thermal Therapy with the Best Sauna

For adults, enjoying the wonders of a home sauna is a no-brainer. Coming home to the gentle heat of the sauna after a long day at work is a luxurious way to unwind. Not to mention the many proven health benefits of sweating heavily during the best sauna session. Adding them to your daily routine [...]

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How Much Does a Sauna Cost as a Way to Cope with Work Stress

Even though stress is such a common health hazard, switching to a low-stress job is not an option for a lot of people. A better approach is to come up with stress management techniques like spending time in an infrared sauna. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How much does a sauna cost?” you might also [...]

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6 Interesting Ways to Switch Up Your In-Home Sauna Experience

Turn the unit on, set the temperature, sit down, and start sweating— getting all the health benefits of an infrared sauna can be as easy as that. But why stop there? An in-home sauna. gives you much-needed privacy and solitude in the business of daily life. With a whole sauna to yourself, finding something [...]

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Infrared Saunas as Meditation Tools: An Incentive on Sauna Prices

If you’re finding it hard to slow down your busy life, then an infrared sauna can offer the calm oasis you’ve been searching for. Ancient cultures across the globe have known of the healing power of saunas for generations, and thanks to numerous studies, science strongly agrees. From improved bodily processes to less pain, and [...]

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Before, During, and After: Session Dos After You Buy Sauna

By now, there’s no question about it— thermal therapy can do amazing things for one’s health. This is why many individuals buy a sauna for their home.Numerous studies have found links between infrared sauna therapy and relief for chronic pain diseases like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Its deep heat can penetrate muscles and tissues to improve [...]

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Sweat Your Way to Amazing Pain Relief with Our Array of Home Sauna for Sale

The natural health world is abuzz with findings that many cultures around the world have known for a long time— that infrared saunas can have a profound effect on managing pain. In fact, as early as the 12th century saunas have been used in Finland to promote good health. However, in the United States [...]

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