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Far Infrared Sauna Benefits Include The Leveling Out Of Your Moods

There are some who because of their genetic background have a fair complexion, and it can be frustrating for these individuals when they want to get some sun. When subjected to the sun’s rays in moderation, many of us can benefit and soak up some vitamin D. We can use sunblock to keep from [...]

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A Boost To Your Immune System Is One Of The Key Infrared Sauna Benefits

There are lots of reasons to be enthusiastic about purchasing a far infrared sauna for your home. You may have thought about some of the specific sauna benefits like weight loss or chronic pain management. But did you know that the promotion of cellular health and regeneration are also among the top sauna benefits?How Far Infrared [...]

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A Home Infrared Sauna Gives You The Opportunity To Dispel Toxins

Do you know someone who seems to be sick all the time, or are you one of those people yourself? It appears that some less fortunate people must go through their lives continually fighting off colds and flu bugs. They constantly carry cough drops and tissues in their pockets and accept it [...]

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Why You Should Use Your Personal Sauna after Working Out

A mere 20-minute session inside your personal sauna improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and accelerates the healing of the joints and muscles. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the proven health benefits you can get from an infrared sauna.  It’s no wonder that saunas are becoming an integral part of fitness routines, [...]

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From Nothing to Cotton: What to Wear for a Complete Home Sauna Kit

So you’ve got your full home sauna kit, and you can’t wait to step inside and bask in all the  wonderful heat. You’ve taken a cold shower to wash away all the external dirt. You’ve turned on your chromotherapy lights to set the mood. You’ve even handpicked the songs that will play as you zone [...]

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How the Best Sauna can Give Your Skin the Royal Treat

What if you no longer need repeated trips to the salon and spa to get that clear and youthful skin?  The secret to youthful beauty might  just be a one-time investment in the best sauna you can get your hands on. The health benefits of a portable infrared sauna have  been written and reported on for [...]

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How Much Does a Sauna Cost in Exchange for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Around 70 million Americans have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night. You might be one of them— tossing and turning, then waking up groggy and needing a big dose of caffeine to get through the day. How much does a sauna cost compared to the sleep benefits of having an infrared sauna [...]

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How an In-Home Sauna Works like Magic for Your Brain Health

Many Americans see an in-home sauna as a luxury. In the U.S., saunas are something people typically use only  during vacation or at the gym. Compare this with the Finns, where around 99% of the population go to the sauna several times a week. Saunas are so ingrained in Finland’s culture that even infants as young [...]

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Before Comparing Sauna Prices, Think about the Right Location

When purchasing a home sauna, sauna prices are not the only factor you should consider.  Before you choose your sauna, it’s best if you  have some idea of where you want to put  it. First-rate saunas are easy to assemble, so the sooner you decide where you want it, the sooner you can start enjoying [...]

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Cutting-Edge Features to Look for When You Buy Sauna

Saunas have come a long way from their traditional roots. While a lot of people still keep it simple with hot stones and steam, infrared saunas have further enriched the experience with amazing features like special wood types, audio capabilities, and color therapy. When you buy a sauna, you’re taking home all the health and [...]

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